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District Email Addresses 2016/17

July 26, 2016

Click here to download USD 113 Staff Email addresses in PDF format

Last, First Names Position Email
Aadalen, Adam Vocal Music SHS - SMS aadalena@usd113.org
Aberle, Kathryn English-SHS;  8th Grade Reading SMS aberlek@usd113.org
Achten, Susan Secretary/Library Aid - Wetmore achtens@usd113.org
Althouse, Yvonne Accounting Assistant BOE office althousy@usd113.org
Atwood, Jessica Instructional Support-WES atwoodj@usd113.org
Badertscher, Elizabeth SHS/SMS - Math badertse@usd113.org
Barbara Vitt Guidance Counselor - Axtell vittb@usd113.org
Baublitz, Betsy Kindergarten - SES baublitb@usd113.org
Bauerle, Chris VoAg- SHS bauerlec@usd113.org
Bauerle, Marcia Library SES bauerlem@usd113.org
Bauman, Nathan Business-Computer-SHS baumann@usd113.org
Bergen, Cole Industrial Arts SHS bergenc@usd113.org
Bloom, Anissa Kindergarten -Wetmore /AD blooma@usd113.org
Boden, Janelle Principal Wetmore bodenj@usd113.org
Boyd, Linda English Speech WHS boydl@usd113.org
Bradbury, Melissa Secretary/Library Aid - SMS bradburm@usd113.org
Broxterman, Lisa Social Studies-Axtell broxterl@usd113.org
Brubeck, Brook Food Service Supervisor - District brubeckb@usd113.org
Buessing, Erika Speech - Axtell buessine@usd113.org
Burger, Scott Business SHS/ AD burgers@usd113.org
Byers, Patricia Instructional Support - SES preschool byersp@usd113.org
Cameron, Laurie Food Service - Axtell cameronl@usd113.org
Castillo, Kristina English SHS castillk@usd113.org
Chandler, Susan Instructional Support - SES chandles@usd113.org
Claassen, Ethan Network Administrator claassee@usd113.org
Claycamp, Joe Head Custodian - Wetmore claycamj@usd113.org
Clowe, Barb WMS - WES cloweb@usd113.org
Cole, Brian Science-SHS coleb@usd113.org
Creek, Ricky IRC - K-6 - Wetmore creekr@usd113.org
Davis, Bridget Secretary - Wetmore davisb@usd113.org
Deters, Rachael Secretary - Axtell detersr@usd113.org
Drahota, Jann District Nurse  drahotaj@usd113.org
Edelman, Monica Spanish - Sabetha- Axtell- Wetmore edelmamo@usd113.org
Edelman, Yalana 2nd Grade - SES edelmany@usd113.org
Elder, Donna Preschool Holton Special Ed. elderd@usd113.org
Evans, Briana Guidance Counselor SHS WHS evansb@usd113.org
Evans, Todd Superintendent evanst@usd113.org
Fischer, Julia 3rd & 4th grade - Axtell fischerj@usd113.org
Frey, Aaron Social Studies - SHS freya@usd113.org
Frey, Shari IRC-SES freys@usd113.org
Garber, Debra 8th grade English SMS Speech SHS garberd@usd113.org
Garber, Matthew Principal SMS garberm@usd113.org
Garber, Summer Secretary SHS garbers@usd113.org
Garrett, Shannon 3rd Grade - Wetmore garretts@usd113.org
Gatz, Jennifer Director of Student Learning gatzj@usd113.org
Geist, Larry Principal Axtell geistl@usd113.org
Georg, Kara IRC - SES georgk@usd113.org
Geyser, Marlene Holton Special Ed. SHS geyserm@usd113.org
Gilbert, Risa Kindergarten- Axtell gilbertr@usd113.org
Girton, Elaine Holton Special Ed. SHS girtone@usd113.org
Glick, Megan Physical Education-SMS schoenfm@usd113.org
Grigsby, Debbie Accounting - BOE Office grigsbyd@usd113.org
Grimm, Cherie Bookkeeper/Secretary SHS grimmc@usd113.org
Hartter, Kelli Instructional Support– SES hartterk@usd113.org
Hasenkamp, Sarah Art - SES-SMS-WES hays@usd113.org
Haufler, Holly Instructional Support - Wetmore hauflera@usd113.org
Hayden, Brent 7th & 8th Grade Math SMS haydenb@usd113.org
Heiman, Katherine 3rd Grade SES heimank@usd113.org
Herbster, Connie Art SHS herbstec@usd113.org
Hertzler, Malerie PE - SHS hertzlem@usd113.org
Holthaus, Carrie Holton Special Ed. SES holthauc@usd113.org
Honas, Staci Wetmore Middle School - Wetmore honass@usd113.org
Hopp, Linda Business - Axtell hoppl@usd113.org
Howard, Julie IRC - Wetmore howardj@usd113.org
Huffman, Ilene Library/Attendance Clerk - SHS-SMS huffmani@usd113.org
Hughes, Tina 5th Grade SES hughest@usd113.org
Huneke, Kathy Instructional Support– SES hunekek@usd113.org
Hutfles, Connie Business WHS hutflesc@usd113.org
Hutfles, Jesse Science WHS hutflesj@usd113.org
Kaster, Cynthia Library Aid/Instructional Support - Axtell kasterc@usd113.org
Keehn, Kertis Biology - SHS keehnk@usd113.org
Kess, Ann Instructional Support - SES kessa@usd113.org
Koch, Lesha Kindergarten SES kochl@usd113.org
Krebs, Christine 6-7 grade Science SMS krebsc@usd113.org
Krause, Michelle IRC - Axtell krausem@usd113.org
Kuckelman, Carol Accounting Supervisor/ BOE Clerk - BOE office kuckelmc@usd113.org
Kuckelman, Julie Physical Education-SES bloomfij@usd113.org
Kuckelman, Rose Math-Axtell kuckelmr@usd113.org
Leiker, Doug sub for Instructional Arts-SHS; Tech -SMS leikerd@usd113.org
Leiker, Susan Instructional Support - SES leikers@usd113.org
Lindeen, Alisha Instructional Support - Axtell lindeena@usd113.org
Lyons, Lisa Instructional Support - SES lyonsl@usd113.org
Massey, Lauren 1st Grade - SES masseyl@usd113.org
Mathewson, Amy 5th Grade - Axtell mathewsa@usd113.org
McAfee, Alexander P.E. SMS mcafeea@usd113.org
McGill, Elysia Vocal Music - SES mcgille@usd113.org
Menold Rita Instructional Support - SES menoldr@usd113.org
Menold Wanda Occupational Therapist menoldw@usd113.org
Meyer, Amber 3rd grade - Axtell meyera@usd113.org
Meyer, Holly Preschool-Sabetha meyerh@usd113.org
Michael Dana Guidance Counselor - SES, SMS, Wetmore michaeld@usd113.org
Michael, Garrett P.E. SHS michaelg@usd113.org
Miller-Arment Valerie Psychologist – Sabetha millerv@usd113.org
Moeller, Kaleb 7th & 8th Grade Science moellerk@usd113.org
Moore, Julinne Speech - District moorej@usd113.org
Mowder, Elaine BOE Secretary mowdere@usd113.org
Niehues, Beverly Librarian SMS niehuesb@usd113.org
Novotny, Kathi Jr. High-Axtell novotnyk@usd113.org
Oehm, Marilyn 5th Grade - SES oehmm@usd113.org
Orton, Vern District Computer Technician ortonv@usd113.org
Osterhaus, Cindy 4th grade WAC osterhac@usd113.org
Plattner, Randy District Transportation Supervisor plattner@usd113.org
Plattner, Sheryl 5th Grade SES plattnsh@usd113.org
Plattner, Sue Instructional Support - SES plattnsu@usd113.org
Ploeger Jessica 3rd Grade SES ploegerj@usd113.org
Porting, Tammy Instructional Support/ RN - Axtell portingt@usd113.org
Richardson, Nicolas 4th Grade SES richardn@usd113.org
Roever, Wendy 1st Grade - Axtell roeverw@usd113.org
Rokey, Susan IRC - SMS rokeys@usd113.org
Ronnebaum, Rachel 2nd Grade - Axtell ronnebar@usd113.org
Sander, Mary Secretary SES sanderm@usd113.org
Schaardt, Taylor Language Arts - Axtell schaardt@usd113.org
Schmelzel, Jennifer Vocal/Band - Axtell schmelzj@usd113.org
Schnacker, Rick Physical Education - Wetmore schnackr@usd113.org
Schrag, Dustin Computers - SHS schragd@usd113.org
Schremmer, Heather 6th grade Math SMS schremmh@usd113.org
Schuette, Christa Kindergarten SES schuettc@usd113.org
Schuette, Heaven District Nurse SMS/Wetmore schuetth@usd113.org
Schuetz, Pete 6th grade Social Studies SMS schuetzp@usd113.org
Schumann, Nancy Instructional Support - WES schumann@usd113.org
Shaughnessy, Ann Secretary PT - Axtell shaughna@usd113.org
Sheldon, Lana Social Studies- WHS Sheldonl@usd113.org
Spangler, Carol Librarian - French - English SHS spanglec@usd113.org
Stallbaumer, Jacque Math SHS stallbja@usd113.org
Stallbaumer, Joyce 2nd Grade WAC stallbjo@usd113.org
Stallbaumer, Teresa Secretary-SMS stallbat@usd113.org
Stiers, Seth Vocal/Band - Wetmore stierss@usd113.org
Stone, Linda Library Clerk SES stonel@usd113.org
Stover, Christina 6th Grade Lang Arts-SMS stoverc@usd113.org
Strahm, Lorinda 4th Grade - SES strahml@usd113.org
Strathman, Abby Pre-School/IRC - Axtell strathma@usd113.org
Strathman, Keri 1st Grade-WES strathmk@usd113.org
Strathman, Kristin Vo-Ag-Axtell strathmkr@usd113.org
Strathman, LaVerne Head Cook - Axtell strathml@usd113.org
Strathman, Thelma Math WHS strathmt@usd113.org
Streett, Jennifer 2nd Grade - SES streettj@usd113.org
Stroda, Chelsea Science - Axtell strodac@usd113.org
Stueve, Abigail 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies - SMS stuevea@usd113.org
Suhr, Lisa Technology Integration Specialist suhrl@usd113.org
Suther, Margaret History - SHS sutherm@usd113.org
Sylvester, Virginia 3rd grade SES sylvestv@usd113.org
Toedman, Sara Principal - SES toedmans@usd113.org
Topp, Kathryn Band - SMS, SHS scanlank@usd113.org
Tyler, Wilma Kindergarten SES tylerw@usd113.org
Tynon, Jayson PE/AD - Axtell tynonj@usd113.org
Vondemkamp, Anne IRC - SMS vondemka@usd113.org
Walker, Pamela FACS- District walkerp@usd113.org
Werner, Anne 2nd Grade - SES wernera@usd113.org
Wertenberger, Josh Math - SMS, SHS wertenbj@usd113.org
White, Linda Technology SMS whitel@usd113.org
Wiltz, Cindy 1st Grade - SES wiltzc@usd113.org
Wright, Robyn Speech Pathologist-Wetmore wrightr@usd113.org

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