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Prairie Hills USD 113


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Medication Guidelines for Prairie Hills USD 113

Pre-K through 12th grade                 

Prescription Meds: All prescription medications must be kept in the nurse’s office or school office. The “Permission for Medication” form must be signed by the prescribing physician and the parent. Medications prescribed 3 times per day should be given at home before school, after school, and before bedtime. Medications ordered 4 times per day may need to be given at school. If at any time the physician discontinues a medication that is being administered at school, the school will need an order signed by the physician stating that it has been discontinued. 

Prescription Meds:   * Will only be accepted in the original pharmacy bottle with student’s
                                            name, medication name, dose, physician name, and directions for
                                          * Medications are to be delivered to the school by an adult, not a
                                            minor child.

Inhalers:                * Must be in the original box with the pharmacy label or the pharmacy
                                   label must be attached to the inhaler itself.
                                * Rescue inhalers for emergency use may be carried by the student (3rd
                                  grade and up with proper demonstration of administration) with
                                  approval and a signed “Permission for Medication” form.

Pre-K through 8th Grade

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Meds:  All OTC medications must be kept in the nurse’s office and not in the classroom, book-bag, or lockers.

OTC medications administered at school require a “Permission for Medication” form signed by the parent/guardian. You will receive a phone call if medication is needed and written permission is not on file. If your student requires OTC medication on a frequent basis, you may be asked to provide a small supply in the original container for school use.

High School:

Over-the-Counter Meds: OTC meds such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Midol, TUMS, etc. may be carried by the high school student IF they have a signed “Permission for Medication” form in the office. Under no circumstance is the student allowed to share or give another student any medications. Failing to follow this guideline may result in disciplinary action by the school.

Click here to print Permission for Medication form