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Prairie Hills USD 113


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7th Grade

7th Grade Assignments - 4/19/24

Language Arts-Mrs. Aberle

Monday RB Lesson 7-2
Tuesday Grammar+ Semicolons in Compound Sentences | Mission: Danger Objectves 1, R, & 2
Wednesday Mission: Danger - Objectives 3, 4, and 5.
Thursday RB Lesson 11-1 | Vocab 10: dis- and -ity
Friday Writng Workout 10 | Finish LitSparks 10


Math-Mr. Hayden

Monday Module 10 Quiz #1
Tuesday 557-558 #1-6, 8
Wednesday WS 10-5
Thursday IXL
Friday 10-6 Exploration; 567-568 #1-4


Pre-Algebra-Mrs. Schremmer

Monday Sec. 11-6 Scale Drawings A: pg. 743 #1-6all, 8, 9, Watch Sec. 11-7 Video
Tuesday Sec. 11-7 Three-Dimensional Figures A: pg. 749 #1-6all, 8, 10, 11
Wednesday Study Guide
Thursday Module 11 Test
Friday Module 11 Test


Science-Mrs. Krebs

Monday Solar Robot --building day
Tuesday Solar Robot --building day
Wednesday Solar Robot--test day and evaluation
Thursday Alternative Energy Resource (past/present/future)
Friday Alternative Energy Resource (past/present/future)


Mrs. Burger  
Monday Topic 6 Energy Research Project
  *Conduct research, organize, start rough draft
Tuesday Project Work
  *Organize and write rough draft
Wednesday Project Work
  *Type, edit, trade papers to proofread (Give at least 3 corrections or suggestions)
Thursday Project Work
  *Final Edit, Cite Sources
Friday Project Work
  *Finish and Submit *Start work on Part #2


Social Studies-Mrs. Georg

Monday 8-1 Notes # 1-40
Tuesday 8-1 Notes 41-77
Wednesday Grade 8-1 Notes, News Email Summary Writing
Thursday AMelia Earhart Lesson
Friday Read 8-2 Pages 278- 286


Mrs. Stueve  
Monday Watch Wizard of OZ
Tuesday Substitue: Ted-Ed Talks Exploration
Wednesday Finish watching the Wizard of OZ, go over symbols
Thursday Track Meet @ SMS
Friday Quiz